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our story

The summer of 2021 saw horrible events unfold in Afghanistan. After months of food shortages and internal government turmoil, Taliban forces marched back into Kabul to once again establish their tyrannical reign over the populace. Having built strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood with Afghan counterparts, our core leadership immediately began developing plans to fund and aid in the escape of several families known to us from prior deployments. In August 2021, five of those families managed to evacuate as part of the large-scale airlift from Kabul. Following their escape, these families were relocated to holding camps in various countries and eventually arrived in the United States. They began their new lives, safe and free from the oppression of the Taliban and other extremist groups that hunted them based solely on their duty alongside US and allied counterparts. Rocket City Refugees was founded to bridge the gap between initial US Government support and total self reliance of our clients. We do this by leveraging public programs and private support to the best interests of our new neighbors. Though initially formed solely in support of former Afghan commandos and security forces, we have expanded our program to include other legal and vetted refugees to the United States. We seek to grow and nurture our community of new Americans and show them what makes this country great.

our mission

• Assist in the identification, evacuation and resettlement of legal, vetted refugees.
• Ensure access to subsistence, healthcare and job seeking services.
• Provide financial and logistical support until self reliance is achieved.
• Assist with reunification of family members to United States.
• Coordinate with local, state and federal entities to meet administrative and security requirements.

our team

Rocket City Refugees is a veteran owned 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama and comprised of the following membership;
• Active military, veterans, law enforcement
• Local and national business partners
• Local churches
• Related nonprofits
• Volunteers

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